How do you make your outdoor and indoor spaces more beautiful?

For us, there’s nothing quite like the added touch of beauty that flowers and plants bring to a home or yard’s space. For whatever you find beautiful, whether it’s in simplicity or a vision of a garden filled edge to edge with a rainbow of colours, we know you won’t be disappointed with your options. In the spring, our greenhouses transform into something only plant lovers and gardeners dream of. Believe us, you’ll have a hard time leaving when you’re surrounded by over 1,000 different plants and flowers.

In late winter, our expert gardeners are busy planting perennials and handcrafting stunningly unique planters and hanging baskets using an array of annual plants so that they are ready for you to bring home in the warmer months.

Let’s not forget the magic of bulb planting, one one of nature’s aesthetic triumphs. Plant your bulbs in the fall, and in the blink of an eye they will bloom in the spring all on their own. We carry a large variety of bulbs for both spring, summer and fall planting with colour selection being nearly endless. At times, you will find up to 175 varieties of tulips that we source from their first home in Holland.

If you are new to gardening or not even sure what the difference between annuals and perennials is, fret not! Our experts are available for you to ask them almost anything, and can even set you up with our planting and landscape services. As we always say, there’s just something about a little bit of effortless beauty.

Prefer to shop online? Take a look through our annuals, perennials and bulbs available online seasonally! 

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