Christmas house plants
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The bright, red Poinsettia is a true Christmas tradition and is instantly recognizable in any setting. The Christmas cactus is actually a succulent but is a true festive staple. Amaryllis and paperwhites offer subtle and bold contrasts to any room.

It’s true, that however you look at it, whatever choice you make, a well-placed Poinsettia to a swath of mixed plants adds a touch of the festive spirit to any room or any home. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift it is sure to be well received.

With new selections coming every week and expert tips available to you about short term and long-term care of your choice of plant Golden Acre truly is the best place to find your forever plant.



Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera), Cyclamen, Amaryllis and more have all become a true staple of decoration during the festive period. Not only do these plants give a burst of colour and a unique feel to any setting with just a small amount of care they can also become a regular houseplant long after the season is over.



Perfect for the great outdoors. Adding a unique and tasteful bust of festivity to any porch, walkway, driveway, balcony or deck. These planters thrive in cold conditions and look even better with a dusting of snow on them.
Created right here at Golden Acre you can leave with a few of them and even get inspiration to create your own.