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            Did you know that Golden Acre offered tree planting services? Well, we do!

            When you purchase a tree at Golden Acre you can inquire about our tree planting services with treelot staff, customer service or general garden supplies. Not only will you get your tree planted by professionals, but it will also include delivery. We offer tree and shrub planting from small 1 gallon to the largest tree available. Our experts will coordinate with you so that your tree or trees will be planted exactly where you wish. They will amend the soil and ensure correct planting techniques are utilized. Combining this with the advice you receive from our expert staff will help establish your tree so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

            How to get planting services:

            1.When ready to purchase tree speak to a staff member.

           2. Pay for the services required at customer service.

            3.Sit back and enjoy your tree.

            Please note that this service is not available online yet, we are hoping to add it soon. If you have purchased your tree online and wish to get planting service please come into the store and see our treelot staff.


Planting Service Price List

1 Gallon Pot: $15

2 Gallon Pot” $25

3 Gallon: $40

5 Gallon: $65

6 Gallon: $75

7 Gallon Pot: $90

10 Gallon Pot: $125

15 Gallon Pot: $190

20 Gallon Pot: $250

25 Gallon Pot: $300

**There is a minimum charge of $125 for planting service

If your tree is being planted in an area with existing ground cover (ie. mulch beds, rock beds) there will be a 40% surcharge on your planting service cost for planting in that area.


Plants must have been purchased at Golden Acre. Senior Discount not applicable on Planting Service. No cancellation after service is scheduled. Planting services outside of city limits incur an additional fee for delivery (example for Airdire it is $49.95). Planting services are not warranted. Plant locations not clearly indicated and/or staked will not be planted and only delivered. Planting crew is not responsible for damage to any unmarked underground utilities including irrigation and landscape lighting. Planting Services do not include staking, guying/supports or removing of refuse. No refunds for planting servivce.