Some of the smallest creatures are often overlooked when it comes to their contributions to help make our gardens beautiful, and our planet healthy.

Without pollinators like bees, we would be without many of our favourite foods and products, as well as beautiful blooming flowers. Many contributing factors of society continue to put stress on our populations of bees and other pollinators, and we need to do our part to protect them.

With our partner, Sun Country Farms, we are working on educating people about bees. For starters, we now offer full beekeeping kits in-store and provide live bee colonies each season to help support our bee populations.

For now, our beekeeping kits are available in-store only. However, online you’ll find other great products that help out our pollinator friends such as the Mason Bee House or the Woven Bamboo Butterfly Shelter.

Whether you’re not really into the idea of beekeeping or don’t have the space for it, worry not – you can still contribute to helping our bee populations by ‘bee’ing a conscious gardener! In the spring and summer, you can include a variety of plants in your garden that help keep our local pollinators thriving. Pollinators like bees love plants such as bee balm, lavender, geraniums, thyme and hollyhocks (among many others).

We also offer a great line up of seeds to start building your pollinator garden and flower bed from our friends at West Coast Seeds.


Birds add charm, colour, sound and charisma to any garden or yard. A great way to start attracting more birds to your yard is to include an area for a bird bath or shallow fountain.

There are also many fun and educational things to learn about birds. For example, did you know that certain species of birds actively eat bugs?

Birds require stable feeding areas and nesting boxes to thrive. It is also important to have good quality food, with no waste or litter product. We carry the best quality bird food at some of the lowest prices in Calgary, making it easier to bring many types of species to your yard to enjoy.

Sun Country Farms

All of our bird seed and beekeeping products are from Sun Country Farms, a local company focusing on sustainability practices. In 2007, founders, Kent Rathwell and his wife Joni purchased Sun Country Farms and developed it into the world’s most economically, environmentally and socially sustainable birdseed company in the world.

They have now added sustainable products to the list such as electric bicycles and charging stations across Canada for electric cars.